COVID-19 has impacted many businesses, we have implicated new processes and procedures to ensure the safety of staff and visitors at all business premises.

This page outlines what we are doing at Sv24-7 Vending, and how we can help you with the new arrangements you need to consider.


SV24-7-VENDING MACHINES SCOTLAND Is certified as having been disinfected using ZoonoZ71 antimicrobial, applied via the Touchless electrostatic spraying process.

Zoono Kills germs on contact by physically puncturing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Zoono lasts for 30 days and throughout this period it continually kills germs, bacteria and viruses reducing the spread of pathogens. At sv24-7 we are commited to spraying each machine every 3 weeks to keep our vending machines safe and Covid free.

Contactless Payments

We provide contactless payment on all of our vending machines, offering a safe and easy way to shop.

Safety Screens

We are keeping you safe with additional safety screens around our vending machines.

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