Can I request certain products for my machine or make suggestions

The simple answer is YES!

We like to tailor all our machines to meet our customers needs which vary in each site we service. We of course will advise you of which products we feel would best suit your site but you as the customer do have a say in what products go in your machine.

Learning what products will be the most popular on a site is an ongoing process which we continue to monitor and alter accordingly over time as tastes change.

Contact us to receive information regarding the various products we currently supply.

New products

We are always happy to consider new products requested by our customers. We will do our best to source new products from our suppliers.

In order to test how popular a new product will be we will often trial it in a machine for a set period of time. If this product is selling well and profitable then we will continue to supply it in the machine however if this product is not selling well, proving too hard to source or not generating a profit we will unfortunately be unable to continue supply it in our machines.

Please note:

If a product has a short use by date and is not selling within this time frame we will be forced to delist them immediately.

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