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Due to the nature of our businesses operations here at SV24-7 waste is generated as a bi product on a daily basis which needs to be disposed of. In order to do this in the safest and most environmentally friendly way possible we decided to make use of a local recycling company, Ace Recycling Group CiC.

ACE's Business recycling Services are fully compliant with the new Government Waste(Scotland) regulations which come into force in 2013.

Ace visit us on a weekly basis to collect our general waste and recyclable waste to dispose of correctly. Our entire team get involved with the recycling process, separating the waste and preparing it for collection.

If you would like to find out more about Ace Recycling Group CiC please visit their website:


We are proud to promote Every Can Counts to all our customers.

Every Can Counts is an organisation which highlights the importance of recycling aluminium and steel cans and the difference we can make to the environment if we do.

As a business which supplies and works with a large quantity of drinks cans we at SV24-7 felt it our duty to get on board with this initiative and spread the word that: ‘Every can does count!’

"An empty drinks can collected for recycling can be reprocessed and manufactured into a new can (or car part, or food tray) in just six weeks. And each time it's recycled it saves energy, cutting the carbon footprint of the next product made"

How we help:

We provide information about Every Can Counts within our promotional sales packs, share information about the organisation on our social media platforms and encourage and help our customers in the right direction if they wish to get involved with the initiative. We also offer Every Can Counts recycling bins to all sites which can be placed beside our vending machines.


Energy saving and reduction of our carbon footprint.

The fleet of vehicles used here at SV24-7 where possible have been chosen due to their reduced environmental impact. In particular we operate the Ford Transit Connect model of transit van which is renowned as the ideal ‘eco van’ with improved fuel economy, reduced fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

In addition to this, SV24-7 works in collaboration with environmentally concerned vending machine manufacturers to reduce the impact our business operations have on the environment. Our main supplier operates to strict WEEE standards and many of the machines we offer have been manufactured to meet the top energy efficiency ratings.

These machines are designed to reduce pollution emissions by using biodegradable chemicals, fewer raw materials, LED Lighting, extra insulation and low energy heating systems. Many of our machines also are programmed to enter into an energy saving standby mode when inactive for a certain period of time.

Recycled Cups

We recognise the need to recycle as much as we can. At sv24-7 we use a zero waste to landfill paper cup;

  • All of the paperboard used to in our paper coffee cups comes from certified managed forestry resources
  • Our paper cups each carry traceability codes, individually printed on the base
  • Printed in water-based inks
  • 100% of all waste is recycled
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