Putting technology - and data - to work for you.

At SV24-7 we are committed to providing the best people and to giving them the best tools to deliver the service you and your own customers deserve. That includes the Vendmanager VMS (Vending Management System), winner of the UK vending sector’s prestigious Vendie Award as the “Best Ancillary Product or Service.”

The Vendmanager software puts data and technology hard to work, improving:

  • visibility
  • efficiency
  • profitability
  • customer service

Our investment in Vendmanager means that we know more about every machine in your estate, and we know what’s going on sooner. So we can service your needs faster and better, and keep costs down through improved efficiency. By plugging the Vendmanager Datakey into a machine, we can even transmit data remotely via Bluetooth to mobile devices.

The more that we make use of data, the better for all - including site-owners and end users.

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