Healthy Vending

Businesses are now recognising that the cost of running a traditional staff canteen may be unviable and a fresh food vending service is a great alternative that works 24-7, just like us!

Our food is hand-made and served in vibrant, branded packaging. We ensure that our food is crafted by the most passionate and knowledgeable people in the industry who operate HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles for food safety and are certified to BRC A grade standard.

Many of the sites we provide vending machines for obtain the 'healthyliving award' therefore, we see it as our reponsibility to help them maintain this award by supplying products which meet the criteria of the award.

Our Aim at SV24-7

It is our aim at SV24-7 to be able to supply vending machines stocked with products that 100% meet the criteria in order to become the healthiest vending option for vending services across the Central belt of Scotland

What is the healthyliving award?

The healthyliving award is a national award for the foodservice sector in Scotland. Eating out plays an important part in people's lives and what people are increasingly looking for is good healthier food.

As a vending service we offer our customers food, drinks and snacks 'on the go'. We feel it is important that through these products, we provide our customers with a choice of healthy and less healthy options.

To find out more about the vending criteria associated with the healthyliving award please click here:

healthyliving award -Vending Criteria

Our healthy food vending machines are constantly evolving, with nourishing snack options such as popcorn, oat and fruit bars, as well as healthy drinks and water. We also have chilled dairy products such as yoghurt, milk and porridge, ideal for promoting a healthy breakfast solution in the workplace.

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