What do I do if my machine breaks down/ is not working properly/ takes my money without dispensing the product/ product dispensed is faulty

If an SV24-7 vending machine is not functioning properly please inform a member of staff at the site where the machine is located. Some sites will be able to fix the problem for you and/or provide you with a refund.

If the site that the SV24-7 vending machine is located at are unable to help you please contact us stating the following information in order for us to correct the issue:

  • Machine location (e.g.. in my house in the living room)
  • Machine type (i.e.coffee machine,snack machine)
  • What the issue is (e.g.. the machine took my money, my mocca doesn't taste right)
  • If the machines LCD display is showing a message state what this message is
  • If the machine has taken your money please state the amount you put into the machine and the selection you entered when the machine did not dispense the product correctly
  • If the machine has given you the incorrect amount of change please state how much money you put into the machine, what the product selection was, how much you were given back in change and how much you should have been given
  • Please leave your name and a contact telephone number so that we can contact you if necessary in order to rectify the fault or to arrange a refund

We pride ourselves on customer service here at SV24-7 therefore we aim to correct any issues ASAP to ensure we are meeting our customers needs. If you are unhappy with the service you have received from SV24-7 please contact us!

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