Payment Solutions

Contactless Payment Available

The Benefits Of Our Solution:
• Proven 10% increase in sales
• Daily reconciliation of sales to accounting software*
• Automated payment updates
• Proactive machine management
• Low transaction charges
• Easy to install
• Encrypted & secure data management

Over 50% of people believe coins are outdated as a payment option in 2017, and 3 out of
4 payments in the UK are expected to be cashless by 2025. Now is the time for vending to
adopt contactless.
• 43% of people would pay by contactless in vending. A further 20% would probably
change, if it was available.
• 89% of consumers would switch to contactless payment if the coin mechanism was
removed from the vending machine. People want payment flexibility in vending.

Coin Mechanism

Every machine we place in the marketplace comes fitted with a new coin mechanism which
accepts £2, £1, 50p, 20p, 10p, 5p denominations.

Card Readers

The latest technology can be fitted to the vending machines allowing for payment by credit
& debit cards. Wi-Fi connection required

Contactless Payments

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